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Tiit Kalluste

Tiit KallusteEducation :
1981-1986 Estonian Academy of Music
1977- 1981 Goerg Ots Music School of Tallinn

Professional Experience:
- After graduation from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Tiit Kalluste has been active as free-lance performer, mainly in the field of jazz.
- 1997-2007 teacher in University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy.
- Since 1998 he is teaching accordion an improvisation in Georg Ots Music School of Tallinn
-Since 2004 he is teaching accordion in pop-jazz department of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
- In 1998 and 1999 he was teaching in Nilsiä jazz-camp, Finland
- 1999 - 2011  President of Estonian Accordion Association
- 2001 - 2007 Musical Director of Nordic Poetry-Festival

Tiit Kalluste has performed on all major jazz festivals in Estonia, as well as on Pori International Jazz (1999, Finland), Dahlsbruk Jazz (1996, Finland), Kaunas International Jazzfestival (2003), Jazzy Colors (Paris 2005), Dortmund Jazz (2006). With his swing-jazz group Tiit Kalluste Jump Band he has performed on many accordion festivals, both in Estonia and abroad.

In different projects he has played together with such musicians as pianist Mika Pohjola (USA), percussionist Abdissa Asseffa (Ethiopia), saxophonist Petras Vyshniauskas (Lithuania), singers Laura Lahera (Argentina), Eivor Paksdottir (Island), Debbie Cameron (Denmark), Laima Vaikule (Latvia) and Marie N (Latvia), mouth-organist and pianist Raimonds Macats (Latvia), percussionist Pipi Piazzolla (Argentina) and Matti Oiling (Finland), pianist and composer Raimonds Pauls (Latvia), bassist Anders Jormin (Sweden) etc.

In 1998 Tiit Kalluste and saxophonist Villu Veski initiated duo-project Sounds of the Nordic Islands, which included performances on The 2nd EuroCass Congress in Krakov, Poland (1998), 12th World Saxophone Congress in Montreal, Canada (2000), World EXPO 2000 in Hannover, London Royal Music College (2000), Stockholm Museum of Modern Art (2000), European Parliament (2002), Art Factory of Patras, Greece (2006) as well as concerts on Faroe Islands, Gotland, Öland, Aland and other Nordic islands, also in Moscow, Vilnius and Riga.
The music from "Sounds of the Nordic Islands I and II" is used in film "Tallinn-Valga -Tallinn"(ExitFilm, in documentary "A Journey Trough Estonia" by NDR-channel and “Estonia, Mon Amour” by MA.JA.DE Filmproduction.

A new program called Tango Nuevo was born during Villu Veski’s and Tiit Kalluste’s concert tour in Argentina. In this program, New Tango is connected with jazz improvisations together with tango ballet, visual and illuminative art, and documentary footage shot by musicians themselves in famous ‘tango sections’ of Buenos Aires. Live recording at Estonia Concert Hall released on DVD “Tango Nuevo” and on CD “Mi tango en Buenos Aires”, featuring percussionist Daniel Pipi Piazzolla.

As leader or co-leader:

NordicSounds vol.3 Villu Veski/ Tiit Kalluste/ Taavo Remmel/ Brian Melvin CD 2009
Specialité Francaise. Tiit Kalluste Jump Band CD 2008
Kõik tantsule! 2  CD 2006
Mi tango en Buenos Aires” CD 2005 Nordicsounds meets Pipi Piazzolla
Tango Nuevo. Villu Veski & Tiit Kalluste 6tet, feat.Daniel Pipi Piazzolla DVD 2003
Sounds of the Nordic Islands II. Villu Veski & Tiit Kalluste 5tet  CD 2002
Sounds of the Nordic Islands. Villu Veski & Tiit Kalluste CD 1998
Pump Jump Fellows. Tiit Kalluste Jump Band  CD 1998
Kutse tantsule. Raivo Tafenau & Tiit Kalluste. CD1996
Swing Accordion  MC 1993
Steamship Quartet  MC 1991

As sideman:

Yvetta Uustalu & Gourmet Music Group CD 2013
Aare Saal. O Sole Mio CD 2009
The Sun. Veidi valjem kui vaikus II. CD 2007
Estonian improvisations. Saxophone. DVD 2007
Play along. Raimond Valgre.  Scores+CD 2007
Unealbum CD 2006
Kõik tantsule!2    CD 2006
Üksi, iseendas üksi... CD 2006
Trio Romanss & Modern Fox  CD 2006
Bird & Primitive Music Society  CD 2006
Klassikaraadio – 10  CD 2005
Estonian Jazz 2005  CD 2005
Different Dreams II  CD 2005
Different Dreams  CD 2001
Yölento  CD 1999
Hüüd ja Hääl  CD 2000
Üksi, CD 1999
Sinilintu  CD 1996
Kiigelaulukuuik  CD 1995
Debbie Cameron & Avicenna, MC 1992


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