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World Music Projects

BIRD – vocal, ukulele, percussions
VILLU VESKI – saxophone, percussions
TIIT KALLUSTE – accordion, percussions
ANDRE MAAKER – guitar, percussions
ARNO KALBUS – tablas, percussions
TAAVO REMMEL – bass, barrel bass, percussions

– digeridoo, tarbuka, percussions
KRISTJAN JÕEMÄGI – djembe, percussions
TOOMAS RULL – drums, percussions
HELE-RIIN UIB – vibes, timpani, ballaphone
SILVER SEPP – vocal, percussions

Villu Veski’s concert-performance “Life And Rhythm” is a special reference to rhythms. The Primitive Music Society uses most primitive and original musical instruments. The idea was originated at Hawaii islands where Villu Veski met a rasta-man called Bird on the Hookena beach. Bird was playing bamboo xylophone, drums and sang, and it seemed to be the only right way to make music – simple and deep. The other idea of the project is to introduce 4 percussion instrument families: Latin American, Indian, classical and pop-rock. All performing percussionists are well-known jazz-musicians.

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