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Sounds of the Nordic Islands

Newest album Sounds of the Nordic Islands III/ NordicSounds vol.3


VILLU VESKI – saksofonid
TIIT KALLUSTE – akordion
TAAVO REMMEL – kontrabass
– löökriistad
- tekst
- laul ja väikekannel




VILLU VESKI – saxophone
TIIT KALLUSTE – accordion

The duo’s programme of folksongs and compositions, "Sounds of the Nordic Islands" displays the elegiac beauty of Scandinavian folk music in a combination of up-to-date and ancient styles. The musicians: "It’s like a musical travel report from the Nordic Islands, inspired by nature, folk music, legends and myths."
The sax player Villu Veski and the accordionist Tiit Kalluste are both men well-versed in matters jazzy, folksy and improvisatsional. Curiously enough, it was only few years ago when they jointly discovered the singular grace and racified melancholy of the music of the North.

After a number of duo concerts the tightly bonded tandem "stumbled" into the music of the Faroe Islands, and – kaboom! love at first sight! This grew into an on-going passion and resulted in a yet deeper absorption in the music of the rest of region. At the end of 1998, "Sounds of the Nordic Islands" appeared: a fair and graceful album.

VILLU VESKI – saxophone
TIIT KALLUSTE – accordion
RAIMONDS MACATS – harmonica, keyboards
TAAVO REMMEL – double bass

In 2002, duo Veski/Kalluste has completed "Sounds of the Nordic Islands II" as a sequel to their first album. In addition to the music’s thoughtful-philosophic expressivity springing from the duo’s first compositions, several sounds and rhythms have been added maintaining an invisible link between both roots and modern times and representing the key to the musical language of "Sounds of the Nordic Islands" They are joined on this second expedition by Raimonds Macats (Latvia), ‘Mamba’ Abdissa Assefa (Ethiopia/Finland) and Taavo Remmel (Estonia). One can feel it, almost touch it when they play music, which travels from Nordic Islands to the wide world.

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